New Lusíadas Hospital Braga

New Lusíadas Hospital Braga

LMSA carried out the special installation projects for the new Lusíadas Hospital in Braga.

A part of the old facilities of Hospital de S. Marcos in Braga will be occupied with a new health unit, which represents an investment of close to nine million euros and 400 new jobs.

The new health unit will be a reference hospital, assuming itself as a clinical center with a strong outpatient nature, equipped with all the necessary means for a transversal medical approach.

The project is by Lusíadas Saúde and results from a partnership with Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Braga, owner of the building, who signed a 30-year lease with the group.

The Unit will have a highly technological and differentiated component in innovation. This includes 37 consultation offices, treatment, and examination rooms, operating theater rooms, and an Imaging Unit, with cutting-edge equipment with a response to differentiated diagnoses.

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