About LMSA

LMSA is the reference company in the delivery of Projects, and Management and Supervision of Works, in Building Engineering. Find out more about LMSA!

Who are we?

LMSA is a building engineering consultancy, specializing in Projects and Construction Management and Supervision. Here is our mission:
Guarantee the well-being of people
Increase asset value
Energy efficiency and sustainability
Guarantee business processes

Our Values

Our intervention is guided by strict respect for ethical and deontological codes, integrating the following fundamental values:
  • Ethics

    We believe in transparency and total impartiality and independence from brands, contractors, and suppliers

  • Innovation

    We seek to outline and propose the appropriate solutions to each problem using the best available technologies

  • Quality

    We like to be recognized by our clients as a partner that guarantees the quality of the services they provide

  • Rigor

    We consider the rigor of calculations and sizing as important as rigor in meeting deadlines

  • Training

    We seek to constantly exceed the expectations of our clients, continuously investing in new knowledge

  • Sustainability

    We invest in solutions that minimize the negative impact of buildings on the environment and the ecosystem in which they operate

Grupo LM

LMSA is part of Grupo LM, a group of specialist Building Engineering companies with a focus on the following disciplines:

Mechanical & Engineering (M&E)

Air conditioning systems, ventilation, electricity, communications, lighting, centralized technical management, fire and intrusion security, vertical transport equipment, and building hydraulics.


Emergency plans and evacuation of buildings, tests and verification of critical systems, computer simulation of evacuation, computer simulation of smoke behavior.

Energy Efficiency

Energy strategies, the definition of parameters for the thermal behavior of buildings, audit, certification, monitoring, and energy rationalization plans.


Sustainability assessment, terms of reference for the construction of buildings, analyses of indoor air quality, environmental certifications, and plans for rationalizing the use of water.

Project Management

Used as a tool in the areas of project coordination, management, and supervision of works, maintenance management, facilities management, and technical audits.

Grupo LM logo
Access Grupo LM’s website and learn more about the companies.

The LMSA team

LMSA is strongly committed to the quality of its employees, continuous training, and sharing knowledge. Meet the people in charge of each of the areas:


Luis Malheiro da Silva
Luís Malheiro
Chief Executive Officer

Founder of LMSA and Chairman of Grupo LM. He is a compendium of knowledge in building engineering.

Pedro Malheiro
Pedro Malheiro
Chief Strategy Officer

Pedro is the right-hand of the CEO. He has in-depth knowledge of all the technical areas of the company, having gone through all of them.

Maria João Peliz
Maria João Donato
Chief Human Resources Officer

Responsible for the well-being of all LMSA employees, carrying out this task throughout Grupo LM.

Pedro Loureiro
Pedro Loureiro
Chief Financial Officer

He is the accounts man, a task that he carries out throughout Grupo LM. Calm, rigorous, resilient, and effective.

Engineering Design & Construction Management

António Viana
António Viana
Business Manager

With a vast experience of more than 30 years in project and works management and coordination, he is responsible for the Engineering Design & Construction Management business areas.

Hugo Guerreiro
Hugo Guerreiro
Operations Manager

Our game organizer, combining technical skills with the ability to organize and materialize.

Catarina Neves
Catarina Neves
Team Leader

Already with a long career as a designer at LMSA, she is a specialist in building security and the leader of a multidisciplinary team.

Maria João Almeida
Maria João Almeida
Team Leader

Already with a long career as a designer at LMSA, she is the leader of a multidisciplinary team and specialist in building security.

Valter Campos
Valter Campos
Team Leader

He specialized in the centralized technical management of buildings and command and control of air conditioning systems at LMSA. Today he leads a multidisciplinary team.

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