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Engineering Projects

Projects are a fundamental part of any work. The more detailed they are, the fewer doubts and fewer extra costs will arise during the work. The delivery of good projects requires competent and coordinated engineering teams. Teams must be well informed about the client’s requirements and dedicated to carrying out all the necessary studies, procedures, and verifications. The BIM methodology, which is increasingly present, contributes significantly to the better coordination of projects, requiring greater detail.

Within the scope of these services, the following specialties are included:


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Free-Cooling, Smoke extraction, Thermal Behavior, and Energy Pre-Certification, Solar Thermal

Electricity and Communications

Earthing/Grounding Systems, Lightning Protection, Emergency Power Supply, Photovoltaic Panels, Networks and Data, and Sound Systems

Fire Safety

Risk Analysis, Fire Compartmentation, Signaling, Lighting and Emergency Evacuation Paths, Automatic Fire and CO Detection Systems

Intrusion Security

Video Surveillance - CCTV, Volumetric and Perimetric Detection Systems and Access Control

Water, Sewage, and Gas

Water and Gas Networks, Storage Systems, Water Treatment, Swimming Pools, Drainage Networks and Pumping Systems

Other Projects

Centralized Technical Management, Transport Equipment, Health and Safety Plans, Acoustics, etc.

Construction Management and Supervision

Construction Management and Supervision is necessary to guarantee the representation of the developer/investor in the construction work and the defense of their interests. The main objective is to ensure that the project solutions are implemented accordingly and without defects, within agreed deadlines and the costs defined in the budget. Within the scope of this service, the following main tasks are included:

  • Control of Compliance with Project Scope;
  • Control of the Quality of Execution;
  • Construction Planning Control;
  • Validation of the works performed and respective measurement records for payment;
  • Promotion and validation of tests, integrated into the commissioning of consultancy and technical installations;
  • Validation of Final Screens;
  • Construction Safety Coordination;

Safety Engineering

Safety Engineering brings together a set of services related to fire safety in buildings. These are necessary both in the design phase and in the exploration phase. These services are essential for all legal regulations and requirements to be respected, as well as for safeguarding the well-being of all building occupants.

This specific area includes the following services:

Occupational Health and Safety

Emergency Plans, Maintenance Plans, Test Plans, Evacuation Plans, and Training Plans

SCIE Consultancy

Consultancy and Technical Installations, simulations, conducting validation tests and suitability of security systems and training

Computer Simulations

Occupant evacuation simulations and smoke evacuation simulations

Sustainability Consulting

This service encompasses a set of skills aimed at the study and analysis of the sustainability and social and environmental impact of buildings. This means seeking to preserve the planet’s natural resources, reduce energy and water consumption and guarantee the continued well-being of all of us and those who will follow us.

The scope of these services include:

Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability Assessment of the Project, Construction and Exploration and Elaboration of Terms of Reference

Environmental Certification


Other Services

Monitoring of Energy and Water Consumption, CFD Simulations, Evaluation of Health and Comfort in buildings - Healthy Buildings

Consulting and Technical Installations

Buildings are an important asset in the promoters’ investment portfolio. We have a specialized engineering team ready to answer all questions and advise promoters and investors in all the steps leading to the construction of a project, from the study of viability until its completion. We adapt to your requirements and priorities with the necessary flexibility to achieve your objectives and overcome the challenges that we are faced with. We will design the service to suit your needs, adding value to your investment!

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Turismo de Lisboa - Client LMSA, Grupo LM
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