Lisbon Waterfront

LMSA was selected by Lisbon Tourism (Turismo de Lisboa) to rehabilitate the city’s riverside area.


LMSA, a company specialized in technical consultancy and engineering projects for buildings and infrastructures was responsible for the special technical installations in three areas designed for the new riverfront of Lisbon’s Pier.

South and Southeast Station (Estação Sul e Sueste)

Station Square (Praça da Estação)

– Bacalhau Story Centre

South and Southeast Station (Estação Sul e Sueste)

This station, which will be the center of the city’s maritime-tourist activity, will be rehabilitated so that it recovers the original vestige of 1929, by Cottinelli Telmo.

This project by architect Ana Costa, will include new areas such as a cafeteria, kiosk, restaurant and terraces, an information desk, a store (Lisboa Shop), and a terminal to support tours in the Tagus.

Inside the Station, the Tagus Center will be born. A space for cultural and tourist initiatives in the riverside municipalities, to enhance the river and promote environmental awareness. The Tagus Center project was developed by architects Tiago Silva Dias and Pedro Mendes Leal.

Station Square (Praça da Estação)

The rehabilitation of Praça da Estação, a project by architect Bruno Soares, will allow the restoration of public spaces next to the river. These spaces are much used today and connect the pedestrian and cycling routes along the riverfront.

Bacalhau Story Centre

This project, located in the East Wing of Terreiro do Paço, pays homage to a symbol of the gastronomy, culture, and history of Portugal.

In this space designed by Professor Álvaro Garrido, from NewsMuseum and architect Tiago Silva Dias, generations of Portuguese sailors and fishermen will be remembered and honored.

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